About Betty

 It all started with a pair of scissors and an AC/DC t-shirt. It was the summer of '05 and designer, Beth Gerharts, was in need of a new bikini to wear out to a boat party in her hometown of Miami, FL . As she explains, "I was broke and needed to look hot so, I cut an old tshirt into a bikini and knew right away that I was on to something." It was then that Betty Bangs signature 'Teekinis" were born. A free-spirit with an outlaw-soul, an avid lover of Classic Rock and Honky Tonk, Beth created the perfect niche for herself in an industry that wasn't known to think  outside of the box. Betty Bangs Bikinis brings together the element of fashion with the rebellious spirit of Rock-n-Roll and epitomizes this blend perfectly with the use of unconventional materials, never before used in swimwear. Beth or "Betty," as she has come to be known, transfers tshirts into what she calls "Teekinis," creating custom and limited-edition suits that are individually numbered, fit like a glove, and scream for attention like an 80's groupie at a Motley Crue concert. In 2009, Betty Bangs introduced their first line of lycra bikinis, and just like the Teekinis, they are all hand-made individually and/or in small batches, not mass-produced, and proudly made in the USA. 

Whether your a sinner or saint, a maverick or a wall flower....whether you're into Sabbath or Waylon, Motorhead or The Dead....Betty Bangs brings it all together and then magically makes it look great on tits and ass. 

Beth is a Miami native who graduated with honors in fashion at International Fine Arts College, which is now The Art Institute of Miami. After finishing school, she freelanced for a couple years as a Stylist, a fashion writer for a local fashion newspaper, and at Armani Black Label in visuals and assisting with their fashion shows in Miami and West Palm Beach. Her daughter, Karly, recently graduated with a BA from FSU in Museum Studies. She is currently living in Amsterdam and a attending Gerrit Rietveld Academie for Fashion Design.