More than often Betty receives questions about her Teekinis, here are a few of the most commonly asked…

Can you swim in Teekinis?
Absolutely! They are fully lined and constructed with elastic just like a regular bikini. 
Can the studs or stones come loose or fall off?
All of the studs and/or Swarovski crystals are individually pronged-on by hand, not just glued. While it is not common, it is possible that there will be a loose stone or stud, due to the hand-process. In the rare case this happens Betty will repair or replace the stud(s) and/or stone(s).
Can I wash and dry my Teekini in a washing machine and dryer? 
To get the most wear and to prevent fading of the T-shirt used to make the Teekinis, Betty recommends hand-washing and hang-drying all her bikinis.
Can the metal from the back of prongs heat up and burn my skin when the sun hits them? 
No, there is a liner in between the backs of the prongs and the skin. 
I have an older Betty Bangs Teekini but the metallic strings have rubbed off can they be replaced?

Yes. You can send it back and have them replaced for $35 (shipping included)
I have an older Betty Bangs Teekini that is too small can it be sent back and made bigger?
Yes. Betty can re-size it by adding lycra fabric to the original Teekini to make it bigger (see added leopard fabric in picture ------>).
Prices range depending on amount of work needed.
Why are Betty Bangs Teekinis so expensive? 
Teekinis are made out of t-shirts. Generally, Betty uses one tshirt to make one bikini (occasionally, more than one is needed), whereas, regular bikinis are made from lycra fabric. One yard of lycra can make anywhere from 4 to 6 bikinis but cost about the same as one tshirt. Teekinis also need to be cut one at a time to be able to get the printing to line up correctly. Lycra fabric, on the other hand, can be stacked in multiple layers and cut at the same time. Each Teekini also has its own limited edition number stamped inside. In addition, all of the embellishments used on Betty Bangs Teekinis are Swarovski crystals and/or nickle-plated studs that are individually pronged-on, not glued. 
I have a tshirt of my favorite band. Can you make a bikini out of it? 
9 times out of 10 the answer is yes. It just depends on the quality and amount of printing on it. Sometimes another shirt is needed to make the overall look of the Teekini come together. 
Does Betty Bangs wholesale to stores? 
Yes. Please use contact page for inquiries. 
Does Betty Bangs do exclusive Teekinis for stores/boutiques?
Yes. Please use contact page to discuss requirements. 
I own a business. Can you use my company tshirts to make Teekinis to use for promo events? Are the prices the same as on your website?
Yes Betty Bangs can make custom Teekinis out of your company’s tshirts. Tshirts must be provided by you. Prices for promo suits are considerably less than retail prices on website, as well as lower than wholesale prices. If you will be re-selling the Teekinis on-line or at your store you will be charged wholesale prices. Please use the contact form to contact Betty for more info.