Summer of '69 (Cut-off bottoms)

$ 185.00

Crimson and blue paisley halter top with wood bead detail on back. Vintage Levis cut into the perfect little cheeky Daisy Dukes. Lycra crotch replaces denim for comfort (Amen!). Denim cut-offs available seperately under the Shop >Separates section of site. 

*Please note when ordering custom sizing that additional pattern making charges may apply. You will be contacted shortly after order is placed for specific requests and to be informed of any extra charges.

*If you are unsure or have questions about sizing choose “Custom Sizing” and you will be contacted shortly after order is placed to ensure a perfect fit.

*Because these are all hand-made limited edition pieces, not all style/sizes are stocked, many are made-to-order with in 24-48 hours, therefore, overnight shipping is not offered.

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